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Two’s company, three’s a crowd... Not with this three player online chess! The unique hexagon shaped board is designed for three players putting a new twist on a beloved classic. No new rules; still the same chess you know and love. ThreeChess includes a unique board and three different coloured chess pieces. Each player must concentrate not only on their own attack and defence, but also on preventing their two opponents from checkmating each other. Children who have only recently learned how to play chess will absolutely love this variant and experienced players will relish the challenge.

# Username Rating
1 stanislav 1466
2 gesh12 1462
3 iPrima 1454
4 boy 1446
5 dragon_dancer 1379
6 Hamza347 1368
7 Bot1 1366
8 Tocser 1344
9 test 1334
10 gesh23 1333